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Made from Corsican wine and Coca Leaf Extract from Bolivia. It can be eaten both as an Apéritif in Digestif and must be served fresh with or without ice.
Grape variety: Vermentinu
Vermentinu was widely grown in mainland Italy, Sardinia and Corsica. Today, in 2017, the Vermentinu culture is the regions bordering the Mediterranean, mainly in Provence (Côtes de Provence, Bellet) and Corsica. Since Vermentinu is mature late, its development requires a warm climate and its cultivation can only be achieved in areas well exposed to the sun. Conversely, cold or temperate climates do not allow it to mature properly. Vermentinu is only susceptible to powdery mildew. When it is a vinified alone, the Vermentinu gives a dry white wine mono, both light and fatty and have a pale yellow color

Vin Tonique Mariani a la Coca de Peroum, known simply as Vin Mariani, was a ‘tonic wine’ that debuted in 1863 and shortly thereafter became a worldwide sensation.

Invented by French alchemist Angelo Mariani, who hailed from Corsica, the tonic came about due to his fascination with Paolo Mantegazza’s recent studies of the coca plant and its perceived benefits.

The study inspired Mariani to combine  ground up coca leaves with red Bordeaux wine at the rate of six milligrams of coca per ounce of wine, and thus Vin Mariani was born.


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Juana Romani et Angelo Mariani

   Cela faisait quelque temps déjà qu’il nous paraissait important de devoir évoquer le parcours d’une femme dénommée Juana Romani dans le premier cercle des amis d’Angelo Mariani. L’occasion vient de nous en être donnée par l’un de ses...

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